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Your Ambassador Program
Novalliance Expertise Comptable

You are a client of Novalliance Expertise Comptable, we share the same values, you are satisfied with our services.
So why not become a Novalliance Expertise Comptable Ambassador ?
You share your Novalliance Expertise around you and you will be rewarded for your loyalty.
Your godchildren upon arrival at Novalliance Expertise Comptable will receive a Welcome Package and will naturally have our full attention.

Sponsorship Program Ambassador


Each qualified contact or not


1 contact for Young Lawyer Mission


1 signature for an engagement letter for a young lawyer


  • A gift box

Sponsored Referrals


  • A Welcome Package*

* Administrative flat rate of 90€/HT instead of 180€/HT. The package includes the setting up of the file, the various mandates with the administrations and the opening of the tax account on impôts.gouv.fr ** Maximum cumulative points: 50 points
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