Novalliance' Touch, Strong values to see further than the accounting values

positive attitude

We are positive

Novalliance Expertise Comptable will optimize its relationship of trust with you. We are business leaders like you and we don’t judge you.


We are factual

Novalliance Expertise Comptable knows the economic reality of the markets. Our advice are intended to make you grow and builds on our experiences.


We show empathy

Novalliance Expertise Comptable is attentive to your daily needs. Nothing is impossible and we are working to make this possible


make sense

We give sens

Novalliance Expertise Comptable assists you in the development of your project.

direct and efficient

We are direct and efficient

Novalliance Expertise Comptable goes directly to the essential to better meet your expectations. Reactivity, the pratical and pragmatic side are part of our DNA. We will be your coach so you will understand our proposed solutions.


We don't have any preconception

Novalliance Expertise Comptable puts its ressources at your disposal whether you are a Startup, small company, SMEs, and all sectors of activities are welcomed. Our sense of adaptation is strong


We aren't afraid to innovate

Novalliance Expertise Comptable uses modern and efficient tools. Our solutions and advices are innovative to better serve you.

good atmosphere

We work in a good atmosphere

A human-sized team where communication is at the heart of every day work. Growing the human capital of the firm is our daily ambition. Our customers are the first beneficiaries.