Novalliance Expertise Comptable

We value and support the performance of our clients


Creating your own company, Novalliance Expertise Comptable has the experience of companies and an excellent knowledge of markets.
That's the right advisor for you !
Novalliance Expertise Comptable will help you to lay the necessary foundations for the creation of your company.



Novalliance Expertise Comptable will be your coach in the development of your business.

We work with you in implementing your development strategies as well as in their implementation.



And tomorrow ?

Novalliance Expertise Comptable will be at your side if you'd like to sell your company, if you plan to go public...
Whatever your project for the future, Novalliance Expertise Comptable is your reliable partner.



You are a foreign company and you want to settle in France or maybe you are already ?
Novalliance Expertise Comptable offers you to assist you in the monitoring of your accounting, your administrative procedures, in order to comply with the french tax and social legislation.

Our services for your business

Accounting Mission

Novalliance Expertise Comptable carries out a quality accounting service, ranging from data entry to balance sheet preparation and auditing. Our stocktaking meetings are moments of exchange and explanation on your activity.

An accompaniment custom-made

Novalliance Expertise Comptable accompanies you every day in the life of your company. Novalliance Expertise Comptable, your partner to optimize the success of your business

Our Social Department

Novalliance Expertise Comptable has a social service dedicated to the advice and the establishment of payroll for your company. You can hire and manage your human ressources with confidence.

Business creation and takeover

Novalliance Expertise Comptable is at your side for all the phases of a company’s life (from creation to sale). We will be your trusted partner in every step.

Novalliance Touch'

positive attitude
We are positive
We are factual
We show empathy
make sense
We make sense
direct and efficient
We are direct and efficient
We don't have any preconception
We aren't afraid to innovate
good atmosphere
We work in a good atmosphere